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About us

CVexperts has launched its services in 2007 with a mission to assist people who felt the need to become active in the job market by offering them professional career support and specialty services throughout all phases of their career. CVexperts consist of three main foundations:

  1. Career Fitness – utilizing tools for my professional journey

  2. Career Definition – enhancing and developing my professional skills

  3. Career Management – manage my career by devising a strategy and defining objectives

CVexpert services also include event organization in collaboration with various educational training centers throughout Greece such as the Professional Training Workshop “Career Camp”.

Maria Pafioli, MSc – Career Consultant CVexperts

Maria Pafioli is a MSc postgraduate with a masters degree in Business, Language and Culture from the Intercultural Communication and Management at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) as well as a degree from the Business Research and Marketing Department from the University of Athens.

She offers a wealth of international experience and has enriched her knowledge by following continuous training programs in writing professional CVs and résumés at the Copenhagen Business School which was organized by the Career Center at the university (CBS Career Center).

She has also followed special professional CV writing classes in Madrid, at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, which were conducted by professors specializing in Human Resource Management. She speaks fluent English and Spanish and has gained valuable experience in the private and public sector in Greece.

Currently, she is active in offering her services as a Marketing Consultant to small and medium sized business as well as Research and Development companies across Greece.

Her daily contact with people across Greece has made her aware of the required needs in the job market and has dedicated her career to offer professional services and specialized consultations to candidates.

Scientific Background

  • Holder of a Master of Science in Business, Language and Culture at the Intercultural Communication and Management Department from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark

  • Degree from the Business Research and Marketing Department at the Athens University of Economics and Business, specializing in Communication and Public Relations

  • Scientific and Laboratory Tutor as an external associate at the Technical Educational Institute of Patras, in Mass Communication and Information Technology

  • Lecturer in Marketing as an external associate at the Professional Training Center for adults at the Institute of Continuous Training for Adults

Counseling Background

  • Has collaborated with Icap and Centrum Research as an external Marketing Consultant

  • Financial Consultant as well as Marketing and Research Consultant as a professional freelancer


Professional Background

  • Public Relations Manager and Foreign Promotion Coordinator in the postgraduate program “The Science of Decision Making” at the Economics University of Athens

  • Marketing Department at the multinational company Unilever Hellas

  • Coordinator at the Faculty of Education Management at the Hellenic Electricity Company, Training Department 

International Experience and Continuous Training

  • Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark: CBS Career Center, seminar and CV writing workshop in conducted by business professionals in accordance to the European Union guidelines

  • Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid, Spain: series of courses in Personal Development in accordance to the MBA Turismo program in Human Resource Management, conducted by Spanish professors and executives in the Spanish public sector.

  • Universitii Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Implementing multicultural and cross-cultural approaches in education with the intervention of European and Asian Universities in the framework of the European Union

  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico: the Mexican Education System, challenges and objectives



  • Scholarship from the Latsis Institution during postgraduate and undergraduate studies.

Georgia Zouni, PhD – CVexperts External Consultant

Georgia Zouni currently works as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Kent and at the Athens University of Economics and Business and as an associate for large educational groups. She also works as a marketing consultant for various middle-sized companies and market research firms.

She has worked in the areas of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Tourism Management. Her teaching and counseling experience is extensive on issues of personal development and career management. She speaks English fluently, as well as good French.

The day-to-day contact with students made her realize the need for establishing an organization which aims to provide professional counseling on career issues.

Academic background

  • PhD in Marketing & Tourism at the University of Piraeus

  • ΜΒΑ in Tourism Management at the University of Piraeus

  • Bachelor in Operational Research & Marketing at the Athens University of Economics and Business, specialized in Marketing

  • Her academic interests focus on strategic marketing planning and destination experience measurement from the customer’s perspective

Teaching background

  • Higher Education associate at: the Athens University of Economics and Business, the University of Kent and the Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida (School of Business Administration)

  • Main instructor of the Marketing related modules for the following private Educational Groups: BCA, Athens Metropolitan College, Delta Institute of Vocational Training and Avgerinopoulou Institute of Vocational Training

Professional background

  • Academic Researcher at the University of Piraeus. Her academic work has been published in international scientific journals and international conferences

  • She has worked at the University of Piraeus Research Center for the research project, entitled: ‘Development, Management & Monitoring of the Competition Planning for Business Development (Operational Program for Education and Initial Vocational Training)

  • She has worked for: Wurth Hellas (multinational commercial company), Greek middle-sized companies and consulting firms

Counseling background

  • She has been responsible for the Career Offices at the educational institutes she has worked for

  • She has organized many seminars and thematic workshops focused on career counseling and vocational orientation

  • She has been a coordinator and a candidate reviewer for the Athens University of Economics and Business Career Days

  • As a personal performance consultant , she has enabled many people to handle career problems, identify and maximize their own strengths, to develop their skills and achieve important goals

Additional information

  • Certifications

  • Registered teacher of the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA)

  • Registered trainer of the Special Fund for Employment & Vocational Training (Greek Manpower Employment Organization - OAED)

  • Scientific Associations, member of:

  • European Marketing Academy
  • Greek Marketing Academy
  • Economic Chamber of Greece
  • Tourism Networks
  • OpenTourism (Co-founder)
  • MBA – Tourism Management Alumni Group of University of Piraeus (Founding member)
  • Head of the academic committee of the Institute of Euro-Mediterranean Affairs Summer Schools
  • Board of Directors' (member) at a Greek Hotel Chain.
  • Prizes & Awards

Georgia has been awarded state and private scholarships for the completion of her PhD.

Georgia has been awarded the ‘Best Paper’ prize at the CHME 2008 International Conference (University of Strathclyde, UK)

Aphrodite Dalakoura, PhD – a CVexperts Associate Consultant

 Aphrodite Dalakoura holds a PhD in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour acquired from the faculty of Management Science and Technology at the Athens University of Economics and Business. In addition, she holds a Masters degree in Communication from the University of Leeds in the UK and a degree in Marketing from the faculty of Business Research and Marketing at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

She has completed a two year theoretical and practical training program in the systemic approach of psychological consulting and continues her specialization in psychotherapy through a four year theoretical and practical training program in psychosomatics.

She works as an executive trainer and consultant for the development of personal and professional skills (executive coach)

As a trainer, she has collaborated with a vast amount of Greek and multinational corporations and has completed over 3.000 hours of training in matters such as Leadership and Human Resource Management, Effective Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Interpersonal Communication and Behavior.

As a consultant in personal and professional development, she has worked with top and middle level executives at various Greek and multinational companies. She is an entrepreneur with a private practice in offering consulting services in career and work psychology matters.

She teaches graduate and post graduate Business Administration courses (MBA) at private national and public universities. Many academic articles have been presented at scientific conferences (Academy of Management 2008, California, USA) and have been published in official scientific journals abroad (Journal of Leadership Studies, Journal of Management Development).

Scientific Background

  • Doctorate (PhD) in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour from the faculty of Management Science and Technology at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

  • MBA in Communication from the University of Leeds in Great Britain.

  • Degree in Corporate Research and Marketing from the Athens University of Economics and Business, major in Marketing.

  • Systemic Consulting Specialist from the Human Relations Research Laboratory.

  • Phsysomatic Specialist from the Hellenic Institute of Neurophytotherapy and Character Analysis (E.I.N.A.).

Teaching Background

  • Teaching at a postgraduate level (Executive ΜΒΑ): Agricultural University of Athens, ICBS/ Kingston College, BCA Business College.

  • Teaching at a graduate level: University of Central Greece, Faculty of the Hellenic Police Force.

  • Lecturer of various seminars for various Greek and multinational corporations.

Consulting Background

  • Active Executive Coach at various Greek and multinational corporations.

  • Participant at various national and international Human Resource Management programs, sponsored by public services and the European Union.

  • Coordinator for Consulting programs at various Greek and multinational corporations, i.e. diagnosis of corporate culture, investigation of executive training needs, development of on-the-job training programs.

 Professional Background

  • Chief copywriter for four consecutive years at the monthly academic journal for corporate executives, titled “Career & Leadership” and published by

  • Marketing Executive for three years at the consulting company Team Corporate Conusultants S.A.

  • Academic Executive at the Business Administration faculty of the Athens Metropolitan College.


  • Certified trainer from the National Organisation for Accreditation of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance, Hellenic Ministry of Education.

  • Certified Trainer from the Employment and Vocational Training Institute, Hellenic Unemployment Services.

  • Certified Trainer from the Teachers Registrar, Hellenic Ministry of Education.

  • Participant in the Training for Trainers program, duration: 300 hours..


  • Received a scholarship for one year from the Bakala Institute for postgraduate studies abroad.

  • Received a scholarship for three years for devising doctorate research plan from the scholarship program “IRAKLITOS - Research and Priorities Scholarships for Basic Research”, funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and European Union.